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I just love Ubiquiti‘s products. I recently installed two of their access points and their Security Gateway router. They call these items enterprise grade, but I’d use them in small office or in the home of a tech savvy person. Ubiquiti’s products are not expensive and offer a lot of functionality you often only find in more expensive products.

Soon I’ll write an article about what issues I ran into installing the router.

Spring security

After having worked with Java EE on JBoss for the past six years I was pleasantly surprised when I started work on securing a Spring application I’m working on.

With EE and JBoss I got used to fidgeting with login modules. When we moved from JBoss 5.1 to JBoss EAP 6 it cost quite a bit of time to get our complicated login system running again.

The great thing about Spring is that security is completely implemented on the application side. They way I understand this, is that I could just move it to another container and it should work without any changes.

I had to google a bit to establish basic database authorisation, but it wasn’t too much work. I’ll write a post about my experience with a complete example as soon as I have the time.

Blogging again

Blogging again because I want to share some information. Mostly about software development. I do that and then pretty soon after that I delete the blog because I’m not using it… After a few months I start missing it again and start a new one. Why don’t I just leave it up? Attempt 2532…