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Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver install fails

When I tried to install the latest iteration of Canonical’s Linux distribution Ubuntu I ran into a problem. Every time I landed at the screen where you fill in your personal information and server name, the install would crash at the moment the ‘curtin block-meta custom’ process gets started. It seemed to have to do with some partition being part of a ZFS pool, but deleting the partition didn’t solve the problem.

I googled the problem, but didn’t find an answer. I solved the issue by making some partitions myself by going to a terminal and starting fdisk. When I came to the number of the partition that used to have a ZFS volume I got a message. The message stated the partition had a ZFS signature. I had the option of deleting that signature and after doing that the next install went flawless.

Annoying and I think it cost me more than an hour to overcome this hurdle.

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