KEF R3 & LS50

In January of 2019 I also listened to KEF’s LS50 and R3. They were connected to an Arcam amplifier. I really liked the clear presentation and openness of both of these great looking speakers. The listening room was not optimal and maybe therefore they sounded quite alike. Maybe all I can say of what I […]

Boenicke W5 SE

In January 2019, during my lunch break I walked to an audio store to get some info on what the audio world has to offer these days and I got to listen to these little speakers. I do not exactly remember what they were connected to, but I think it was a Nam Unity ATOM. […]

At it again

After a prolongued period of not blogging I have started a blog again. Mostly because I could use a sort of public notebook and some items might be of interest to others. Expect items about Internet technology, programming, watches and audio.