Good audio

If you have ever had the idea in your head that you need to hear Dead Can Dance’s Rakim on a stack of Naim gear with Spendor D7.2s, you’re my spirit animal.

Funny story. I was talking to a shop owner and my wife, Eliza, was still in the listening room with a pair of Spendor D7.2s, an Audio Analogue Puccini Anniversary amplifier and some Lumin streamer.

I don’t recall exactly what she was playing, but it was either coronation anthems by Handel or the Carmina Burana.

While I was talking to the owner, she kept turning up the volume and later when we joined me, with an innocent look on her face she told me:”It did not distort at all.” It was hilarious.

Find the stack that suits you. It is not easy, but is it not a grand journey?