Comply tips for AirPods Pro

When I bought the AirPods Pro I enjoyed using them. The noise cancellation was great and the sound was ok. Ideal for the daily commute by train.

But I had some issues with the AirPods Pro. After using them for just half an hour, my ear canal would start to hurt and the next day I’d have an ear canal infection. So pretty soon after purchasing them, I stopped using them and returned to my old dependable AirPods.

Not satisfied, who would be after spending so much money on a product, I started googling the issue. I immediately found many people complaining about getting ear infections and skin irritation after using the supplied AirPods Pro tips.

Being the lazy person I am, I didn’t immediately start searching for replacement tips, but I am so happy I eventually did. The Comply tips arrived in the mail yesterday and last night I tried them while watching tv late at night.

Today I have no problem at all. Problem solved. I should have bought these a long time ago. I can highly recommend them!

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